offers a unique massage therapy experience in a beautiful home setting located in the hills of the West Sonoma County near the sweet hamlets of Sebastopol/Occidental, just North of San Francisco and West of Santa Rosa. Each massage is tailored to meet each individual's unique needs.
Kym specializes in combining Ayurvedic self-care awareness with lymphatic drainage, hot rock therapy, Chinese cupping and "gua-sha" tissue flow  encouragement  to create an amazing experience of deep healing that will change the way you feel inside and out. With more than 30 years of hands on experience, Kym offers the following services:

          • Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage
          • Hot Rock Therapy 
          • Chinese Cupping
          • Lymphatic Drainage Massage
          • Pain Management & Injury Treatment
          • Stress Release & Management
          • Relaxation Techniques
          • Chronic Pain Reduction
          • Ayurvedic Nutrition, Treatments & Remedies

Specializing in helping people recover from dis-eases, accidents and injuries,
Kym helps relieve injuries caused by repetitive motion, poor posture, and poor lifting habits.
 She goes to the source of problems by tracing the symptoms to their origins to help the client form a more comprehensive approach to maintaining a healthy balance. 

Kym communicates to her clients the importance of keeping the lymph system flowing as the lymphatic system plays a vital role in maintaining radiant health and beauty and is an essential part of the body’s immune system.
It is a transport system that carries fluids and nutrients through the lymph vessels to the body. It ensures that excess fluids and proteins are drained out of the tissues. After flowing through the lymph vessels, lymphatic fluids go into lymph nodes. These nodes filter out and destroy microorganisms.
Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is a massage technique that stimulates the movement of fluids in the lymphatic system. MLD is characterized by a series of rhythmical massage movements that stimulate lymph circulation throughout the body, re-route lymph around blocked or damaged lymph node collection sites, to encourage flow in drainage areas, and to soften fibrotic tissue. As fluid is moved out of the affected limb, the susceptibility to infection and injury is reduced and an increase in functional abilities results.Treatments cause a reduction of swelling and pain leading and can lead to a state of profound relaxation.

A massage makes the perfect gift ~ gift certificates are available.

Basic Massage Rates
 $150.00 - $300.00 Sliding Scale 
3 hour minimum appointment includes 

Ayurveda life / nutritional consult
Candllelit herbal bath
Chi Machine session
2+ hours of bodywork 
(as long as it takes)

Pancha Karma rates vary. Call for details.


(707) 292-7681


 MASSAGE in a quiet country setting 9in the hoi
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