"Kym's hands hold miracles. She'll rock your lymph system.:"

- DeAnna Batdorf, Founder the dhyana Center for Ayurvedic Studies

"Kym is the real thing. I have never experienced such a complete bodywork session in my life. I felt safe and that allowed me to go really deep and release years of stress."

- David R.

"Sometimes it really hurt and then we'd break thru that and I'd feel an emotional wave of release and then the pain would go away and I knew I was getting healthier by the moment."

- Amanda B.  

"Love your body massage made me love my body again."

- Cassie Rose

" I was exhausted and grumpy and had forgotten what it was like to be pain free. Now I am back on track. Thanks Kym -- now that I know how my constitution affects my health, I know how to care for myself."
- Robert T.

"I was in a lot of pain from my surgeries. Kym helped me to meet that pain and move through it. I've lost 50  pounds and I want to live till my nineties!"

- Leesa G.

"I have never experienced such a thorough massage in my life. I know now that I need lymph drainange massage to help me stay grounded and balanced and thankful for all the gifts I have in this world. Thanks for helping me get the spring back in my step."

- Howard C.

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